Sarah Pugh and Shift Bristol

Just finished my radio show for the week and had a great guest in today, local permaculture legend Sarah Pugh. Sarah is now working on a new organisation for Bristol – Shift. It’s being set up to answer the need for people to become more sustainable in their lifestyles. We’ve all got used to composting food rubbish, recycling and using energy saving lightbulbs on a personal level, but what comes next? How as a community do we take more responsibility for our needs like food availability & security; community energy schemes; local currencies and even working together as a community instead of various fractured households?

Shift aims to plug the gap in this knowledge & skills base and if it can work anywhere it can work in Bristol thanks to the good foundations of transition towns, permaculture, switched on green thinking and a creative and resourceful population. Shift will help groups come together and learn how to chair meetings and deal with conflict resolution and help pioneering schemes get off the ground to keep money and resources in the local areas rather than flooding out to some namesless multi-national only interested in their profits and dividends.

Shift will also be starting a pioneering new course for Bristol in sustainabililty and permaculture. It will be based at the new eco building at St Werburghs city farm and has 22 guest lecturers in all aspects of this fascinating and fundamental subject. If you’re interested in Shift or the course which starts in September, please checkout their website:


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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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One Response to Sarah Pugh and Shift Bristol

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Sarah Pugh is indeed a permaculture legend. The sort of person I would chose to be shipwrecked with on a desert island – we would not starve thanks to her practical skills, and generous nature.

    What really interests me about Shift is it includes conflict resolution. How many well-intentioned groups have I seen fall apart because of misunderstandings? Too many. I have often wished they take the mediation/conflict resolution path…Shift gives attendees basic skills as well as guidance on the process of making decisions.


    Great pic too.

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