“Coming Home” Introductory Weekend Workshop 9/10th October

I was inspired to do this weekend with Jewels Wingfield after taking one of her workshops at the Osho Leela tantra festival this summer. It was perfectly pitched for how I was feeling at the time and I felt it was a good taster of her work and the “coming home” workshop which focuses a lot on self love, boundaries and awareness. All fundamental aspects of healing work which can be used as the foundations to a happier and more conscious lifestyle.

A group of 28 of us met at the Willow dance studio in St Werburghs starting the day with some shaking to get the kundalini energy rising and to shake out any energetic blocks in our bodies. This was followed by dancing to tribal tunes to really warm us up and get the energy flowing. Willow dance studio is a great location for this kind of work – warm and welcoming, clean and quiet.

An exercise followed where we had to say look into a mirror. Actually properly looking at ourselves, properly noticing ourselves rather than the usual cursory glance to check your mascara’s not smudged. I found this hard at first, all I kept noticing were more wrinkles and grey hairs. But slowly my gaze softened and I began to see those imperfections as perfections as they are part of me and tell my life story and slowly I found some compassion for myself in that reflection.

The next exercise was based on connecting with ourselves, truly connecting with the light in our hara or sacral chakras and allowing that connection to direct our actions and communications. I’ve always been a bit too externally focused so it was great to be given the encouragement to go home to myself and not always be coming from my busy mind. Jewels’ described it as “like sinking into a comfy old armchair” which is a great analogy.

So many of us are programmed to be “yes” people and to try and please others all the time, putting our own needs and desires last. This work is about connecting to our real feelings, acknowledging them and realising that by speaking our truth we inspire greater trust as people know we’re being honest. So saying “no” can be a gift to ourselves and to others. It is OK to say no and we are not responsible for anyone else’s feelings.

Further exercises were based on building this internal connection and using it to inform our personal boundaries and how we express them. Boundaries have never been one of my strong points but I was surprised at how clearly I could communicate them when I tuned in and discovered what they were. My partner in this exercise said how much he appreciated the clear direction and how much easier it made the interaction. I learnt that it is ok to say what you need and that this doesn’t make you a needy person.

Sunday morning started the same way with shaking and energetic dancing. We then went into some really profound exercises based on love and fear. Jewel’s reminded us that fear is just a sign that we’ve lost that true connection with ourselves and that fear is a contracted state, whereas love is an abundant and expansive state. It was quite an emotional morning for me and I’m always amazed at the deep levels that can be touched in such a short time with a random bunch of strangers. It felt that everyone was really showing up for this work and were prepared to work through the fears and stay rooted in their truth. It was a very nourishing and insightful weekend for me and I have no hesitation in recommending Jewel’s work. She delivers her courses in a sensitive and knowledgeable way with no pretention. Her next “deep diving” courses which follows on from this introductory weekend are in 2011. Ffi: go to http://www.jewelswingfield.com


About shivanifox

I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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