family illness…

Mum has now improved enough for her to be transferred back to Yeovil hospital. She’s no longer on oxygen, fluids or liquid feed and has had 4 or her 5 drains removed along with the staple in her stomach. She’s still very weak – understandable after spending 2 months ill in bed. So will need lots of physio to help her get more mobile. At the moment she can just manage to get to the bathroom with assistance. She’s doing remarkably well considering she was at death’s door only a month ago.

She’s also not eating enough and is finding this a bit distressing. I’m amazed that the hospital doesn’t have her on a special diet for pancreatitus sufferers. They tell her to eat what she wants. However, all the research I’ve done online and with the pancreatitus support group suggest that she should be on a low-fat, sugar free diet. Eggs, raw vegetables and carbonated drinks are to be avoided as these are well known to irritate a grumpy pancreas further. Yet when I called her yesterday, she was struggling with a cheese omelette followed by rhubarb and custard. No wonder her body is finding it hard to digest. Hopefully when she’s back in Yeovil I can visit with some home made soup. It’s astonishing that in this day and age hospitals seem unable to provide special diets to those patients that need them.


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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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2 Responses to family illness…

  1. DEB says:

    Don’t wish her to be moved back to Yeovil! My husband had been back there just over a week after being in icu departments in London Nd Sourhampton, going onto a general ward in Yeovil has stopped his progress. He was in a coma for a month and can’t walk, well he managed to get to the shower once then got I’ll again, drs told him they don’t know what’s causing the problems now, but he can’t get out of bed now. He had to wait 30 mins this morning for someone to answer his buzzer. After being sooooo Ill

  2. DEB says:

    You would think they would be quicker to act!

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