the art of stalking workshop with Agustin Delgado Orea

22/23 January at the Barton Hill Settlement, Barton Hill, Bristol.

Joanna Crowson, Agustin and me

This was the third workshop run in Bristol with Agustin and he was on fine form delivering his course with dynamism and a huge dose of humour.  He is a consummate performer.

The art of stalking in shamanism is more powerful than the art of dreaming which is where my talents lie. Stalking is about hunting energy and opportunities and encourages us to be flexible, to try for the simple pleasure of trying, to save our energy and grow our good luck.

During a ritual we removed any previous promise of failure and replaced it with a promise of triumph. Everything depends on these promises and triumphing or not is your decision. We learnt about recapitulation and journeyed to distant places.

But what I love most about Agustin’s workshops is that he always gets us to do an exercise that makes us feel great. This time it was to write a letter to the person we had been allocated to “stalk” during the course. This letter was to contain positive comments on their appearance, virtues, etc and not to be critical. I received beautiful letter from someone I’d not really connected with on the course, it was deeply touching. Hilariously four people on the course thought I was stalking them. I wasn’t. I’m just naturally chatty and curious.

 I have to admit that I wasn’t really in the mood for this workshop. The last two months have been exhausting and I was feeling very defeated by life. However, after the workshop I felt great, buzzing with energy and back in love with the world and everybody in it. I felt much stronger and much more able to handle the things life throws at me. Mind you I felt fabulous after the last workshop and a week later my life fell apart so I hope this won’t be repeated! C’est la vie!

Agustin will be back in the south west for the Tribe of Doris intercultural camp in August and again at the end of September for another workshop.


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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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