Awakening Soulful Sexuality – Shekinashram, Glastonbury, Somerset


1ST MAY 2011

Nestling in the foot of Glastonbury Tor, the beautiful Shekinashram was the perfect location for this day workshop with Anaiya. And this work of womb wisdom, creativity and fertility was perfectly matched to the playful and potent energy of Beltane.

I had no idea what to expect from this workshop but have been very interested in Anaiya’s new direction from yoga teacher to sacred sexuality guide and my curiosity was provoked further when reading her latest book “Pilgrimage of Love” .

We began with a few minutes of yoga and dancing just to loosen up and to get that “shakti” juice flowing. It didn’t take long to rise and then stream into the next exercise of Tibetan pulsing.This particular technique was specifically targeted at releasing stored
emotional and energetic blocks in the womb. Prior to this I’d always thought I
was OK in that area but the pulsing brought up some painful memories and
experiences, especially about a colposcopy and cryosurgery on my cervix in my
late twenties that I’d almost forgotten about.

After a gorgeous vegan lunch in the courtyard the afternoon continued with a womb mandala exercise. This was enlightening and re-assuring as it showed me how I can call in the people or energies I need to support my healing and growth.  The last exercise was “ghosting”, a powerful shamanic practise designed to help release old fears held deep within. I felt overwhelmed in this exercise. I still held many fears from my childhood and I’d firmly locked them all in the closet decades ago. I was shocked
to face many of these old ghosts again and experienced a deep level of sadness at their existence.
My tears flowed like a river which surprised me yet further as I’m not a crier,
especially in company, but felt held and supported by Anaiya and my beautiful
goddess partner for this workshop. Maybe this sounds like it was all heavy
stuff but it didn’t feel that way, using sexual energy for healing is rapid and
effective and more in line with the feminine objective of embodiment and I
definitely want more!

To read my review of Anaiya’s latest book “Pilgrimage of
Love” checkout

To hear my recent interview with Anaiya on sacred sexuality
please visit


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