Spiritually Curious Meet-Up – talk on Ayahuasca – 23.5.2011

About 20 of us spiritually curious Bristolians made it to the Heartfelt café and boutique on Alma Vale Rd last night to hear Bruno, a Brazilian shamanic practitioner, talk about ayahuasca or ayawaska, the South American medicinal “brew”.

He started by describing how ayawaska or spirit vine in its native Quechua language, is a brew made from a particular vine and the leaves from a certain plant. Combined they can produce hallucinations once ingested. He explained how the ritual context of taking this medicine and the purpose behind it make it different than a drug that’s taken recreationally. Ayawaska is a powerful medicine that will clean away blockages and disease from the body. It’s viewed as a natural anti-biotic and anti-depressant and is said to be able to bring you into your centre and help you perceive with clarity.

He also spoke about the church of Santo Daime which is based in Brazil and incorporates elements of Christianity, Shamanism and African Animism. The Church uses ayawaska widely in its ceremonies and rituals and how the church is spreading around the globe. Outside of Brazil this is of course, controversial but is it much different from communion wine used widely in our own churches?

Bruno is a fascinating guy. I could’ve listened to him all night talking about power plants, rituals and the state of the world. He clearly has a passion for this medicine and is spreading the word about the light that it can bring. But his great respect of ayawaska and sacred space was also inherent and I found him to be genuinely coming from a place of love.

All this and many more exciting events to come happened at the gorgeous Hearfelt café with the lovely Mandy serving delicious teas in porcelain cups and saucers  amongst the gorgeous vintage gowns of the boutique. Magnifique!


About shivanifox

I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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