The Bristol Pound Meeting at Hamilton Hse, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Last Thursdays meeting at Hamilton House about the Bristol Pound follows on from the flurry of media activity generated by it’s launch last month. This exciting project to produce a local currency for Bristol will be the largest of its kind in the UK. It’s aims are to strengthen the local economy, support local independent traders and to keep money in the city for longer.

Chris Sunderland from the Bristol Pound gave a thoughtful and polished presentation on the nuts and bolts of the scheme which is supported by the Bristol Credit Union. This scheme already has the support of the local council who are considering a part salary payment to employees in the new local currency as well as traders paying their business rates in it. Ciaran Mundy talked us through the electronic payment scheme using mobile phone technology through which transactions can be made surprisingly fast.

The Bristol £ will be launched in May in £1, £5, £10and £20 denominations and there is currently a competition searching for the best designs for the new notes.

There’s still much work to be done before they start appearing in our wallets, so if you’re interested in volunteering with the project, they’d be only too happy to hear from you. This is a great scheme aimed at supporting local high streets and traders in this difficult economic climate and if the success of the Totnes or Brixton £’s are anything to go by, this complimentary currency should fit in well – all ship shape and Bristol fashion like!


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