Truth Juice, the Arc Bar, Broad St,Bristol. 4th April 2012

Jamie Bazil and the Blueprint for the Great Awakening.

Last night’s talk by Jamie Bazil at the Truth Juice Forum in the Arc Bar was intriguing and thought provoking. Jamie’s an interesting guy with an extensive experience of meditation which sparked his interest in consciousness, inter-dimensional contact and meta physics. Beginning with a basic meditation, he took us on an extensive journey through some of his research which included the importance of the pineal gland or third eye chakra and how to develop it’s insight; the unfolding miracles of DNA; cell structures and effects of electro-magnetic impulses on the energy field.

Personally I loved it when he talked about the field of knowing that surrounds us all and the possibilities of connecting with different species and beings through space and time through meditation. You can’t go wrong with a bit of tree-hugging and whale song in my book and he included a technique called 360 degree meditation which is an advanced way of working on various brainwaves and promoting  these connections. But I’m not sure some of the sceptics in the room were so convinced.

I got a bit lost on some of the scientific information and the huge volume of material that he’d prepared but I loved the theme of his message that we need to create our own YOUniverse that’s guided by our own internal wisdom and to open our hearts and let this awareness merge with our knowing. Jamie implored us that we carry the code of all possibility within us. 2012 is now, the time to wake up is NOW!

Truth Juice meets every Wednesday at the Arc Bar, doors open at 7pm and talks start at 8pm, £5 or £3 concessions. Ffi:


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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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One Response to Truth Juice, the Arc Bar, Broad St,Bristol. 4th April 2012

  1. Jamie Bazil says:


    I am a sceptic myself and welcome scepticism. My message is one of Hope and Possibility, and showing how the “craziest” of experiences and perceptions actually COULD be explained by the “weird science” that was discussed at my talk. That doesn’t mean, of course, that all those experiences are “real”. Whatever THAT means! 😉

    My invitation, like Rupert Sheldrake who wrote “7 Experiments That Could Change the World: A Do it Yourself Guide to Revolutionary Science”, is rather than simply use one’s “intellect” to dispute what I am experiencing, try it yourself and see. I cannot, of course, promise results, but I believe all this is happening to me for a reason. Interspecies Communication, with trees and the natural world, and gosh – resonance with each other – is vital to our survival as a species. Nay, our Evolution as a species.

    We are close to moving from the kindergarten stage to joining the “Galactic Community” (for want of a better phrase!).

    Anyway, I didn’t expect this review. It is very well received. Appreciated.

    Thank you for you’re presence. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being Here. You’re Universe needs you! ALL of You! 😉

    Jamie Bazil

    the website is in early stages but details of Pineal Activation, Interspecies Communication and Evolutionary Resonance is coming soon for Voyagers to try themselves:

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