Dalai Lama Renaissance film screening – Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol. 22nd June 2012

Friday nights screening of the documentary film “Dalai Lama Renaissance” was presented by its director Khashyar Dravich who is in the UK and Ireland as part of a tour planned to coincide with the Dalia Lama’s visit to the country. It focuses on a group of visionaries, academics and experts in their respected fields who came together with the express intention of meeting to discuss and find solutions to some of the world’s problems and to present these to the Dalai Lama in his home in Dharamsala.

The film is intensely captivating for many reasons – the love and compassion that radiates from the Dalai Lama is heart-warming as is his excellent sense of humour. But the journey that the group members also embark on, physically, emotionally and spiritually also draws you in and acts as a mirror to your own awareness. It is interesting to witness the process by which the group members travel from an egocentric and narrowly focused perspective to a consciousness that is more long term and heart-centred.

With stunning visual shots, narration by Harrison Ford and an informed question and answer session afterwards, it’s easy to see why the film has won many awards and is warmly received by audiences across the globe. I loved the intimate glimpses into the life of the Dalai Lama – his childlike joy coupled with the master’s sophisticated knowledge of the world, his warmth and wisdom, and insistence that he is just a simple Buddhist monk yet also carries the projections and adorations of millions as a spiritual leader.

Archive footage showed the Dalai Lama leaving Tibet for exile in India in 1959 and I wondered what he was thinking and feeling on that journey. He could have no idea of the life that awaited him. What would it be like to flee from your home as your countrymen and women were murdered by colonialist invaders intent on taking the land, its resources and crushing its spiritual and cultural traditions?

Yet when economic sanctions against China are proposed by a group member to him, he speaks touchingly to dissuade him as sanctions would bring hardship to ordinary Chinese people already living in tough conditions. I found this extremely moving and revealed his overall concern for humanity as a whole rather than as separate groups or beings. I think the Dalai Lama must inspire everyone he comes into contact with whilst also reminding them that they too are capable of greatness.


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4 Responses to Dalai Lama Renaissance film screening – Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol. 22nd June 2012

  1. Excellent summary!

    I also felt that the depth of compassion, so visible in the Dalai Lama’s presence, related to what he was saying at the beginning about the long-term view — seeing and acting out of consideration for future generations and seeing the problems of short-sighted, narrow-minded viewpoints. It can however be very hard sometimes when we see terrible things happening in the world and we want to step in and fix them all yesterday. I think this was the feeling among some of the delegates and I just think this is so totally understandable, and yet all too often we can just trip over ourselves in the wanting and not get anywhere much at all in the achieving. But to have that deep, deep presence of being, with real compassion for the whole, and the ability to allow actions to unfold in their own way out that wholeness – that was something that left a deep impression on me.

    It was also wonderful for me to see the location again, knowing I spent two months in that very environment a long time ago but still feeling it alive in my bones today.

    Thank you Shivani for relating the evening so beautifully.

    Andi x

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for this report. It is the first I heard of this film on the Dalai Lama, and I am very glad to know about it.

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