This womb blessing, given on the full moon, was being led by Clare Warren who recently trained with Miranda Gray, author, artist and healer and who created this blessing, to become a Moon Mother and lead these meditations.

It was taking place in the old technical college where ArtSpace LifeSpace have done a such a fabulous job  turning the empty unloved building into a thriving hub of creativity with allotments, skate park, galleries, boutique, classes and events.

The room we were in had been lovingly created as a sacred space with mats, blankets and cushions laid in a circle around a beautiful Goddess altar which we had been encouraged to bring items such as crystals and flowers to adorn with.

Clare explained the process of the womb blessing which included a guided meditation visualising our womb as a tree with ripe red fruit on it. The roots of this tree extending down into Mother Earth, grounding us and nourishing us as the trunk of the tree grew upwards to the level of our hearts whereupon it split into the two branches that were our arms. I saw my tree with beautiful gold and red leaves with the juiciest russet red apples hanging from its branches.

Next we were to envision the full moon above our head bathing us in its silvery white light flooding down through our crown chakras, into our hearts and down into our wombs. Whilst we were doing this, Clare came round and connected with each of us by taking our hands and amplifying the energy that was being transmitted.

During this time I saw my womb as a stone chalice filled with pure water and holding the reflection of the bright, full moon. The energy was very powerful and it was wonderful to have the time to connect with a part of myself that has been very overlooked during my life. I’ve not been able to have children and have an extremely light cycle so all that “womanly” stuff seems to have passed me by. Whilst Clare was holding my cupped hands, I felt a wave of grief that my womb had remained empty. I think I’m only just starting to connect with the fact that maybe I would’ve liked a child after a lifetime of insisting that it wasn’t something I wanted or needed to do.

After building and creating all this beautiful energy in our bodies, Clare directed us to transmit it, connecting with our sisters on a global level and to send the healing energy of the divine feminine out into the world.

Afterwards we began the blissful meditation of sharing the snacks we’d all contributed and sharing the company of such beautiful shaktis who with their magic had created a double rainbow above the college site. Om Shanti.

Thanks to all the facilitators for creating such an awesome space and to Miranda for creating this blessing which this month was shared by over 27,000 women in 80 countries worldwide. Miranda is in Bristol on the 11 & 12th August to give a workshop in the womb blessing training at Centre for Whole Health, 12 Victoria Place, Bristol, BS3 3BP. Contact Clare Warren for further details: clare@clarityvibration.com




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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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