The Open Process at Wilder St studio, Wilder St, Stokes Croft, Bristol 3rd August 2012


After being such fab guests on my radio show earlier in the day and selling “The Open Process” as a meditation event so well, I just had to get down to their first night in Bristol.

Allowing plenty of “faff time” and for people to arrive and settle,  Mars started the evening explaining a little bit about the meditations. The initial silent sitting meditation has its origins in the ancient Middle East, and is based upon the Golden Flower meditation which aims to get you “into the zone” or more in your consciousness and subduing the monkey mind. The deep diaphragmatic breathing also helps to stimulate the flow of Kundalini energy around your body.

During this meditation we were guided to focus on the point between the eyebrows which apparently can calm the heart centre and to keep our eyes open just a little. Initially it seemed like quite a lot to remember but I slipped easily into a state of calm and enjoyed the process of sitting quietly amongst a lovely group of people and just letting the thoughts, feelings, sounds and sensations come and go.

Afterwards followed 30 minutes of moving meditation where I just enjoyed being in my body and being present to how it wanted to move. This is such a great exercise for me in getting out of my way-too-busy head. And I found Tim York’s gorgeous soundscape that accompanied this meditation a great guide to discovering my inner landscape.

After all that hard work meditating, Malik’s Café Grace then swung  into action offering scrumptious raw cakes and herbal teas as people took the time to chill out, chat, and dance to some of the more upbeat dance tunes that now flowed around the studio. I loved this event and fab to see its first night so well supported.

You can listen to the podcast of Mars and Malik on BCFm 93.2 on the website, just got to “Vivacity” and the 3rd August and listen at your leisure.


About shivanifox

I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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One Response to The Open Process at Wilder St studio, Wilder St, Stokes Croft, Bristol 3rd August 2012

  1. Raw cakes plus Tim York’s music? This is making meditation sound very attractive!

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