Chakra chant at OM-UK, The College Project, Marksbury Rd, Bedminster, Bristol. 13th August 2012

Last night was the third instalment of the new OM-UK meditation event at the College Project. OM-UK offers a variety of different meditations each week and last nights was a chakra chant meditation with sound healer Alana Bond.

We chanted for five minutes on each chakra starting with the root or Muladhara chakra, and allowing some space in between for the sound to settle into our bodies. I have to admit I didn’t feel much on the first chakra – probably because I have some old un-cleared issues here but as we went up through the energy body I could feel each centre opening and vibrating quite clearly. Visualising the vibrant colours of each chakra increased my connection to it too.

As the meditation progressed the energy in the room amped right up and the rolling resonance of our voices became so powerful I was sure our group of 16 people must’ve doubled in size.

When we got to the Crown or Sahasrara chakra it immediately felt as if someone had taken off the top of my skull and given my brains a quick stir. The sense of being taken far out of myself was so strong and the sense of connection with the cosmos was intense.

When Alana guided us back into the room I didn’t want to return, I was way too happy floating out there in space. But it wasn’t till I opened my eyes and came back into the room did I realise just how deep the experience had been, it took a huge and reluctant effort to come back into my body. Luckily Emma was on hand with slices of fresh melon, bliss balls, herbal tea to tempt us back down to ground.

Jamie Bazil then talked about the charity that he and Emma have set up called ChildSpirit which aims to bring meditation to children with such conditions as ADHD. They intend to do this with the help of bio-feedback devices which is a fantastic technology that can help bridge the gaps between mind and body and science and spirituality.  OM-UK events are every Tuesday at 7pm and are free but donations are welcome and go towards this charity.

On the 21st August Emma will be running the Diamond Light Grid meditation and on the 28th August Jamie will be doing the Third Eye Opening meditation. For further details call 07576888343 or email


About shivanifox

I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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