How to Fork Yourself – Sound Healing Workshop with Debbi Walker of Suara Sounds: Weston Super Mare, Somerset – 23rd September 2012

I was pretty reluctant to get out of bed at 7am on a Sunday to go to this workshop, especially as it was a vile cold, wet and grey day and I felt pretty crappy with a cold that’s threatening to develop.

But the divinely delectable Debbi Walker, supreme goddess of forking made the day hugely fun and light-hearted. She explained a little about the tuning forks and how they work attuned to the ancient healing solfeggio tones to bring healing, balance and transformation.

We were also lucky enough to have Carol Pearce with us who’d brought her highly sophisticated subtle energy software system, NEV (New Energy Vision). This follows on from Kirlian photography and allows you to see through various filters the different grades and qualities of light. Human eyes see just 3% of the electromagnetic spectrum and NEV allows you to see things like meridian lines and chakras in the body, ley lines, energy being moved out of the body during treatment, stuck energy and Spirit Guides.

We began by using a tuning fork attuned to OM or 136hz, Debbi describes this as the heartbeat of the Earth. This is especially good for space clearing, aura cleansing, chakra balancing and bringing calm, also much loved by our canine friends apparently.

We followed this by using a fork attuned to 528 which is the frequency to promote DNA repair and promotes a deep remembering of our Spiritual purpose. This can bring in energy and is very useful for healing. We talked about how these amazing forks can be used for healing people, pets and planet.

We also got to play with Debbi’s “Sound of Nature” pipes which incorporate the frequencies of the five elements in one sound and also with the newly created “Ocean” set. Being a bit of a mermaid, I loved these forks, they bristled with fresh sparkling energy. I’d love to take a set of these to the beach to get all briny with.

The day finished with a meditation to the vibration of the Goddess Isis which was relaxing and nurturing as a hug with the Cosmic Mother should be. Afterwards we compared our before and after shots taken with Carol’s NEV software and it was staggering to see the differences in the images. I’d gone in feeling tired and groggy but came out feeling bright and bouncy and this was evident in the colours around my aura which were way more vibrant in the after shot.

For more details on Debbi’s workshops, private sessions and loads of other really interesting stuff, please go to or call her on 07946310239.

For more info on Carol’s revolutionary NEV technology, please visit

These images were taken with NEV and show the energies and auras in the room. 


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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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