What About You? Creativity Master Class with Jamie Catto: The College Project, Bedminster, Bristol: 8 – 9th December 2012


First rule of Jamie’s creativity master class – “don’t hide your insanity”. Oh yeah baby, I think I’m going to like it here.

Day one was all about re-claiming our madness and neuroses and all the bits of ourselves we hide from others as we’re scared they won’t approve. Jamie’s belief is that true empowered creativity only happens when we accept ourselves as a whole being, including all aspects from saint to sinner, muppet to mastermind.

From this place of awareness, we can conceive that challenges and difficulties are just opportunities for our continued growth, so for example, when someone shows up in your life being a dick that they’re here to show you where you’re being a dick too so we can evolve and continue our journey back to wholeness. “Some of the greatest opportunities come cloaked in disaster and problems, it’s how you frame it that matters” or to use a question I like to ask when things are not going my way “what’s right about this I’m not getting”?

When creating in the past, I’ve had experiences of where I’ve literally downloaded the poem, the words, and the ideas. I knew they didn’t come from me but from something greater source, yet my ability to tune into this channel of cosmic creativity has been pretty random. JC’s suggestion is to be empty and listen and to be in humour and lightness when birthing your gift or project to the world. To have no attachment to the outcome is pretty useful bit of advice too – something that’s tripped me up in the past and by asking “what would I choose if I already had £50,000 in the bank?” is a great tool to overcome the limitations of financial anxieties.

After a successful career in the music industryand producing and directing award winning films, I guess he knows a few things about empowered creativity. Add this together with journeying across five continents and experiences in the personal development field have given JC many gems of wisdom which were all imparted with that spirit of lightness and humour. The day continued with us dividing into groups for games and processes to return us a state of presence and open-ness and for us to begin accepting our crazy crew of insane internal characters instead of hiding them in shame. When I signed up for this creativity workshop I didn’t expect to receive deep healing of an issue I had with an ex-friend that’s bugged me for two years to occur, yet this is what I got and consider it a huge blessing and am in gratitude to Jamie and the members of my group for their open hearted listening and feedback.

Day two began with the beautiful Taoist Inner Smile meditation and continued with more games and processes designed to get our creative ideas out of our heads and into the world. We had to write as a journalist interviewing us about our hugely successful projects which was designed to exercise our “bigness” and banish any apologetic small attitudes that might lurk in our psyche. I enjoyed the confidence which flowed naturally here and it helped me see things from another perspective. We worked  again in groups to plan our projects, something I found supportive and re-affirming as yet more invaluable pieces of advice were given. Again I found the stuff around money as energy incredibly useful. Can you guess what one of my major issues is?!?

The final exercise to write a bad review for one of our group members about their project felt awful as I’m naturally a positive and encouraging person. This was designed as an inoculation against any future bad press and from that aspect, very helpful. Although I thought my bad review when read to me was hilarious. I hope I find it as funny if it happens for real.

Another lovely thing I take from this workshop is Jamie’s question “are you coming from Heart mountain?” a gentle reminder to reside in that expansive space of love instead of acting out of fear and contraction.

For all you artists and even non-artists, as I believe we’re all creators, out there, I’d totally recommend taking this workshop, it’s got my creative vibes well juiced up and I can’t wait to get started. “What About You?” will be running again in London on the 15/16th December followed by a one day workshop “What About My Christmas Presence?” on the 22nd December. More information online at www.jamiecatto.com

Heart Mountain, Alberta, Canada 🙂



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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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3 Responses to What About You? Creativity Master Class with Jamie Catto: The College Project, Bedminster, Bristol: 8 – 9th December 2012

  1. Hi Shivani! Great take away from the weekend! I loved it and came away so fired up about the Tree Sisters, and got a resounding YES! when I read out my fantasy article. Hope to catch up with you soon! Love and blessings, Caroline Nettle

  2. Tim York says:

    Nice review, Shivanni – thanks for writing it.
    Having no attachment to the outcome – that’s where it’s at, for sure.
    We can only do our best..
    It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes:
    “If you can meet with Success and Failure
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    you’ll be a Man, my son!”
    Rudyard Kipling

  3. Celia says:

    Great write up Lovely Lady….good reminder for me, I’m there again!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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