7th January 2013 

Feeling much more energised after my second session on the yoga challenge tonight. I just did the evening Hatha yoga class with Laura Gilmour, which judging by the numbers is very popular. I found it perfect for my level of practise (level 2-3) and really enjoyed the focus on the hips and pelvic regions. I loved the asanas that really opened up my hips which were feeling tight after sitting in an office chair all day, as well as the postures that encouraged a broadening and widening of the lower spine.

I enjoy trying different yoga classes with different teachers as I always seem to pick up something new from them – a new technique, posture or even just the way they structure a class – all of it increases my understanding and practise of yoga. Laura is a fantastic teacher, she explains all of the postures in a clear concise manner as well as describing where our focus should be, how to stay safe in the position, all the time reminding us to stay relaxed. Her instructions are very easy to follow and she’s great at revealing all the little “keys” to a posture that really help you into it. For instance tonight she prompted us to keep our floating ribs back towards the spine in case they’d been pulled forward by the action of pushing your sternum out. Now I don’t think I’ve ever considered my floating ribs before ever but that one small adjustment made a world of difference to my posture.

I’m feeling proud of myself for making the effort on a dark night and my body is thanking me for some perfectly paced and nourishing exercise. Now off to sink into a gorgeous hot bubble bath – a fabulous finish to a Monday night.



About shivanifox

I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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