Access Consciousness Foundation Course – London – 25&26th Jan 2013

After a very wobbly and emotional week I booked myself on the Access Foundation course in London last week end with Julia Hogg. I’d managed to trap myself into some insane behaviour that kept looping round and round and I needed to get off this not-so-merry-go-round. This is unlike me and it was really freaking me out and no doubt my poor friend who was on the receiving end of this madness.

Access Consciousness is huge in the States where it started and also in Australia. It’s fairly new in the UK but is taking off rapidly. It’s a “set of tools and processes to help you change areas of your life that aren’t working for you,” shifting outdated judgements and points of view that are keeping you stuck. It works on different levels as well as different lifetimes and dimensions.

I first came across Access when listening to Rikka Zimmerman’s radio show on the World Puja Network. I was caring for my seriously ill mother at the time and the show really helped me get through that challenging time. At first, it sounds really weird. They use this clearing statement to shift a lot of stuff and this makes no sense to your logical mind. But as they say in Access if your logical mind could work everything out, wouldn’t it have done so by now?

I next met Access when visiting an old friend in the US. She’d recently trained in “the Bars”, one of its core practises. This is not a glorified pub crawl, although Lord knows we did enough of those in the past. The Bars uses 32 different points/bars on the head. These include money, creativity, aging, hopes and dreams, body and sexuality. It’s great for treating insomnia, pain, eating disorders, stress, ADHD, menopausal symptoms to name a few.

My friend generously ran a whole bunch of sessions on me over the holiday and I had some real shifts in the chronic lower back pain that I’ve had since childhood. It also helped me reduce my pain meds, I also “forgot” to take my anti-depressants and stopped chewing my fingers, a habit I’d had since aged 9. I was so impressed I took a couple of classes to train in being a Bars practitioner. Access is a bit way out there. It’s quite different to many practises I’ve tried but it’s simple, effective and fast. Just what we need in these hectic times right?

The next level is Foundation and in this class we learnt another body healing process that’s great for trauma and injuries and more tools for helping you make this reality work better for you. I loved the teacher, Julia Hogg. I perceived a great deal of integrity from her and she was thorough and patient with all of our questions. Yet she made the class light hearted and fun.

Access is all about oneness – judging and excluding nothing and getting you to open up to a world of infinite possibilities. I also like the fact that they talk about bringing change into the world so it becomes a more “collaborative, creative and cohesive” place to live. This is no self-indulgent naval gazing practise for sure.

Access is about the nearest I’ve come to experiencing magic in my life, without pulling rabbits out of hats. It helped me see how I’d been limiting myself in my recovery as well as helping me to see, perceive and receive the world differently and become a more conscious creator within it. How does it get better than that?

If you’d like to book a session of the Bars, you can call me on 07817 557570 or email

If you’d like to find out more about Access Consciousness visit:


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