Kambo – Frog Medicine – April 2013


It’s been a long slog of a winter in Britain – feels like it’s lasted a year or more and everyone’s batteries are running real low, including my own. So when the opportunity to do Kambo or frog medicine came round again I jumped at the chance!

This is my fourth time taking this shamanic medicine which is secretions from the giant monkey frog in Brazil. The practitioner burns small holes in your skin, just in the top couple of layers and then the secretions are placed on the burn marks. Obviously it gets into your lymphatic system very quick this way.

Traditionally it’s given on the leg for a woman and the arm for a man. A more spiritual experience is said to be gained from burns on the left side of the body and more physical healing obtained from the right side of the body. However as this medicine has travelled out of the jungle and been mixed with other cultures, it’s now being applied in patterns that follow the meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine or even sacred geometry patterns.

The tribes in the jungle have used it for a malaria treatment and also for dispelling the negative bad luck or panema that can surround a person. It’s also used to gain strength and stamina for hunting, a treatment for snake bites and a general tonic. The secretions which are packed full of peptides acts like a toxin to your system. First producing a hot fever – sweating, redness, heart pounding. Then purging – vomiting or needing the toilet. Then a cold fever – cold, chills, weakness. It takes about half an hour to an hour to work through your system.

It’s also been used with great success for treating depression, pain (because of the dermorfine and deltorfine present) infections, strengthening the immune system, detoxing the liver and is being researched for its abilities to treat Parkinson’s disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Some of the peptides present in Kambo have now been isolated and produced synthetically and are being sold for research purposes but there’s much about this medicine the laboratories haven’t figured out yet.

I have witnessed amazing healing through it – decades of depression gone in one treatment for one person and a six week chest infection clear up overnight after just one application. I myself take it for pain, detoxing, and strengthening my system, mainly using it for physical reasons. Although for more chronic conditions a more intensive course of treatments is usually needed. But it’s different every time and for each person that’s what I find so fascinating about this process.

This time I had the medicine applied directly on my lower spine where I experience chronic low back pain, especially in the sacral, lumbar and right sacro-iliac joint area. I had a very quick reaction within seconds I could feel the hot fever coming on strong. Very quickly needing a trip to the toilet and then a lie down in a quiet corner as it did its magick. I also had low stomach pains – like bad period cramps but these reduced when told to breathe into them.

I had a strong reaction to it this time, much stronger than last time. My face swelled a lot which has never happened before and I was only able to croak quietly. I struggle to be  sick on Kambo – I’m just not a vommie person, but it’s very important to purge the dislodged toxins out of your system before they’re re-absorbed. I seem to take the longest to recover from it as well. I was astonished when one person who took it after me was off out the door soon after for a meal with friends. Respect! Me? I wobbled off home for a light meal of vegetables and rice and a good eight hours sleep.

The next day my lips were still a bit Angelina-ed and my face a bit puffy but boy did I feel good. I was up at 5am doing my meditation and yoga followed by a long day of work, a job interview and meeting up with a friend who thought I’d dropped ten years in age because of my froggie face lift. I felt fresh, clean and strong and was on the go till late at night. No painkillers needed. Today I still feel strong, bright and clean. My skin looks amazing the swelling is gone and still no painkillers. Also I’ve noticed two issues that were bothering me emotionally seemed to have just dropped away, I feel like I’ve just transcended them. Awesome! I didn’t set the intention for the medicine to work on these issues, but if it was that then I’m grateful these things have been healed too.

Kambo is not the most pleasant or comfortable experience to go through. The best word to describe it is intense! But it is over quickly and the after effects are very much worth it. It’s not something to be undertaken lightly though, but if it does feel like the right thing for you, do some research and go to an experienced practitioner. Do not buy the sticks online and treat yourself.

Good sites I’d recommend include:





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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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5 Responses to Kambo – Frog Medicine – April 2013

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Blimey! Wow! It sounds intense… and fascinating! I think sometimes the most profound healing treatments do lead to extra sleeping…as if the body has to re-callibrate…or something. Thanks for great article.

  2. timothy chiswell says:

    It probably takes you a long time to recover from the kambo as you say you dont get a good vomit-purge. In my experience, people recover almost instantly, provided they’ve vomited out completely. Have you tried drinking 2 or 3 litres of luke-warm water before and during the application?
    All the best, and thanks for spreading the word about the positive effects of this great medicine!

    • shivanifox says:

      Hi Tim, yes during my three years of working with this medicine now, I’ve found that the more thorough the purge, the more rapid the recovery. I was drinking 2 litres of water prior to a treatment but found this is not enough for me and that drinking nearer 3litres does the trick more successfully for me. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. It is a fantastic medicine isn’t it?

  3. Karen says:

    Hi, do you know anyone in the Barcelona area who can administer Kambo? I have been recommended it by my friend Roxie who took it in the uk but have recently moved to Spain.

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