kcrKinetic Chain Release is a simple yet effective way of re-balancing your body by working with the inter-connective tissues that are often over-looked. KCR can help bring about relief to some of the following conditions – chronic fatigue, neck, shoulder & back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, scoliosis, IBS, and sleep apnoea – and is a relatively quick and simple process.

I’d had a KCR adjustment last year with Katy West when she corrected an imbalance in my leg length with my right leg being 3/4inch shorter than my left. A long history of chronic back, pelvic and leg pain which is always worse on my right side had probably contributed to this. I returned this year as Katy was going to do a psoas release technique on me and they are always better done after another KCR adjustment.

This time my right leg was only ½ inch shorter. The imbalance probably having been caused this time by my slackness in continuing the very brief stretching exercise required every day for 3 months afterwards. Although this takes only a few minutes, a trip away interrupted my routine and my usual self-discipline evaporated.

Whilst lying on the treatment couch Katy adjusted my feet and ankles and as I rotated my feet and I could feel the slight pops as the joints and bones settled back into place. Then with my legs bent she told me to squeeze my knees together. When she said “is that all you can manage?” I was a little dismayed feeling a bit puny but following the adjustment she re-tested this and my knees had gained a grip of steel that would’ve impressed Rambo.

Laying on my side she did further adjustments, one in particular released a lot of trapped giggles that bubbled playfully to the surface and had us both laughing our heads off. I loved the sideways stretch that was similar to ones I’ve had at the osteopaths and really enjoyed the gentle neck and skull release.

I was curious about the psoas release for a few reasons – one is that it’s part of the connective tissue that’s attached to our spines and runs through our pelvic area and onto our upper legs. It’s the muscle that helps us pick our legs up, so pretty vital. I feel that my psoas muscles are pretty contracted and my groin and leg muscles are fairly tight despite swimming and doing yoga regularly.

I’m writing about these soft tissue adjustments giving release from physical pain and problems but they can also bring trapped emotional issues up as well, as they harbour those equally well and behind many physical complaints also lye emotional and spiritual aspects. Our bodies are just reflections of that. Liz Koch has written extensively about the somatic influence of this “juicy and dynamic muscle” which in some spiritual philosophies has been called the “muscle of the soul”.

Lying back on the table, Katy instructed me to relax as she gently sunk her fingers down into the left hand side of my stomach, just above my hips, following the movement of my breathe. It sounds uncomfortable but my body welcomed it and invited her in. As she went deeper I experienced a couple of uncomfortable spots but it wasn’t painful. As she pressed down she could feel bubbles escaping from the psoas, trapped toxins and emotions fizzing up to the surface. Sometimes I could feel them too, a pretty unusual experience. Afterwards it felt much more open and spacious on the left side, like my muscle had relaxed into a more horizontal position instead of being so tensely strung.

She repeated the same process on the right side but here it felt quite different – more guarded and congested. Again I could feel my body wanting it but not knowing quite how to allow it. It was more uncomfortable but strangely when more pressure was applied that released. I felt more light-headed and tired than when she did the left side. This was a very deep and intimate experience. It’s not everyday someone pokes their hand through your side and reaches right into your core but I felt very safe in Katy’s care and am glad I experienced this soul muscle release.

To book a KCR treatment please call Katy West on 07866 594665 and checkout the following sites:


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I live in Bristol and am into holistic health - especially herbalism, yoga, shamanism. I love great music, Mexican food and hanging out with friends :-)
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