Hi! My name’s Shivani and I lived in my adopted home city of Bristol for the past twenty years from where I graduated from the University of the West of England. My passions are great food and music, good company, travelling, yoga, and natural health. I have a huge appetite for living and love the diversity of experiences this amazing life can offer.

Since 2004 I’ve been on a journey of healing and self-discovery that was prompted by my own health problems. Becoming attuned to reiki was the first step on this path which has also led me to the beautiful Osho dynamic meditations, yoga, shamanism, tantra, herbalism, kambo and most recently Access Consciousness. This journey has helped me recover my physical health as well as bringing me more peace, gratitude and joy into my life. How does it get better than that?

Along the way I created my own brand  – “Kosmic Kitchen” which creates beautifully flavoured probiotic kombucha and I’m currently working on water kefir recipes such as rose & raspberry and hibiscus. Delicious! I’m also a distributor for the fabulous Sizzling Minerals from Simply Naturals as well as other vitamin and mineral products. Sizzling Minerals are the only plant based minerals available right now and therefore are much easier absorbed than regular rock/metal minerals. In these days of severe mineral depletion in the soil (up to 72% loss in Europe according to WHO & Unicef) and stressful lifestyles we could all do with a boost to prevent us sinking into a state of Subclinical Disease.

I also enjoy practicing “the Bars” which is a powerful energy healing process from Access Consciousness as well as some of their other techniques such as MTVSS which is amazing for boosting immunity and physical health and Cellular Memory which helps to re-set the cells to their natural state.  I’ve also graduated recently as a Kambo (frog medicine from the Amazon) practitioner and am able to offer private treatments and Kambo circles in Bristol and the South West UK.

I am also trained in Auricular or Ear Acupuncuture – a microsystem of acupuncture which is an easy and effective way of helping people, training with Samantha Terry of the Chu Len College of Sustainable Health in 2015/6.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day 🙂


3 Responses to About

  1. Hi Sarah

    I’ve just read your post about Satyananda’s visit to Bristol earlier this year and wondered if you would be happy to make a change to the venue information that you have. It was held at our venue SoundWorks which is the centre of creativity and wellbeing of our charity Gathering Voices. You can see more about the centre at http://www.soundworks.org.uk if you’d like to. It exists within, but entirely separate to, the Southville Methodist Church.

    Thank you.


    • thanks for your comments hannah. i will amend that as requested but am away from bristol at the moment whilst my mum is in hospital in yeovil. when i get time i will do it. hope that’s ok. sarah

  2. Thank you Sarah, no worries about the time frame. My good wishes to you and your mum.


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