Access Consciousness

A friend in California first told me about Access Consciousness when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and although it’s quite different than anything I’ve come across before and seems a little “out-there” it resonated with me on many levels. First of all, I love that Access is all about expanding our lives – there are so many things that shrink and limit us – judgements, conclusions, points of view – our own as well as other peoples. Access works towards releasing us from these limitations and helps us to move more into our power.

“Access is a set of tools and processess that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone. Consciousness includes everything without judgement. It is the willingness and capacity to be totally aware and present in your life. Consciousness is the ability to continually awaken to more possibility, more choice and more life.

The invitation of Access is to help you acknowledge you as the infinite being you truly are. As an infinite being you function from infinite perceiving, knowing and being and receiving. As an infinite being all things are possible all the time and you have total choice.”

Gary M Douglas – Access Consciousness, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

I trained in the “Bars” which is a tool from Access that “facilitates a different way of functioning on the planet”. The Bars is a powerful process whereby a set of 32 different points on the head are activated in a sequence and clears many points of view and judgements that are keeping us stuck in our lives. The Bars works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well as on past lives and dimensions. “It’s like activating a computer virus of consciousness that begins to unravel where you’re functioning from auto-pilot instead of awareness; refusal instead of receiving. By getting your Bars run you are literally changing the probabilities of future possibilities. Having the Bars run helped me a lot with chronic back pain and detoxing from medication. It’s also proved successful in treating stress, migraines, insomnia, anxiety eating disorders and menopausal symptoms.


“I had my first ever Bars session and it was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, unlike any other healing treatment I’ve ever experienced. The opening exercise was so Inspiring and empowering and it really reminded me of how amazing we all really are, with our unlimited potential. I also saw darkness, as if being removed from my body and transforming into light and fell into the deepest sleep – I felt as if all my energy had been positively realigned. But, better still, I went on to have one of the most productive days I’ve had in a long time- I’ve booked my partner in for a treatment and will definitely be back again when I need it! A phenomenal experience I would highly recommend to anyone and EVERYONE!” Eadie – Bristol.

Since training in the Bars, I’ve also completed Access Foundation which provides many other tools and clearings to help move our lives forward. These include:

Cellular Memory – “done on scar tissue, unlocks trauma allowing your body to return to it’s natural state, which is to heal. An incredibly dynamic process”.

MTVSS –“One of the most dynamic hands on tools in Access. It’s the tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can have a major effect on the immune system”.

Here’s an interview with Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas….

If you’re interested in trying something different and expanding your consciousness, please email me at or call 07817 557570 to schedule an appointment.









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